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More than just a building...

Missions are a vital part of West Assembly. We support numerous missionaries around the world, as well as Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge for the kids, Speed the Light Ministries for youth, One a Week for the ladies, and Light for the Lost for the men. Regular missions trips are also a large part of West Assembly's DNA. 

- BGMC - 

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge is the missions program for children. Kids save up their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to give to missionaries each month. BGMC supplies the “tools” in the missionaries’ tool box, such as fresh water wells in rural locations.


Assemblies of God youth regularly give to this incredible program that provides vehicles and equipment to missionaries. Assembly of God missionaries are among the best-equipped due to the generosity of our youth.


We believe in fulfilling the Great Commission – telling others about Jesus. Missionaries are regular guest speakers at West Assembly, and we currently support missionaries/missions in all parts of the world. Both financial and prayer support is given on a monthly basis. We encourage all worshipers to give to missions.


The missions program for men is called “Light for the Lost.” LFTL is a literature distribution program especially for evangelistic purposes.


West Assembly regularly participates in mission endeavors both in the USA and in foreign countries, such as assisting with constructing a children’s ministry center in Santiago, Chile, roofing churches in Mexico, and refurbishing a rodeo arena for a local rodeo ministry.


Assemblies of God ladies endeavor to give $1 a week to supply the household needs of missionaries when they first come home from the field to itinerate, and upon arriving at their place of ministry on the field.

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