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A Little About Us...

Made up of ordinary people who have experienced God’s forgiveness personally, the folks at West Assembly believe in worshiping Him enthusiastically. We believe that His Son Jesus Christ is the foundation for living and for eternity. Therefore, the Bible is our text book, worship is participatory and our lives hold great purpose. The Church exists for this purpose. 


West is affiliated with the Assemblies of God, and is accountable in ethics, doctrine and practice. This partnership enables effective cooperative missions efforts, quality programs and a safe environment for spiritual growth.


A Fowler landmark, this historical and unique building was built in 1917 as Fowler High School. After forty five plus years it was transitioned to West Elementary in 1964 to serve the fourth through sixth grades. It was donated to Fowler Assembly of God in 2003 after a new elementary school was built. Since that time West has been serving the spiritual needs of people in the Fowler area. 


Our pastor, Darryl Johnson, has been faithfully serving this congregation and community since 2001.



 Our doors are open for you to experience the presence of God!




West Assembly of God Church Doors
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